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Last updated: June, 2005

1. The contract between you and the GAPTER by BASE GmbH

This is a contract between you and the GAPTER by BASE GmbH. This Agreement governs your use of Web pages operated by GAPTER by BASE GmbH (hereinafter individually and collectively "GAPTER by BASE GmbH website") is, by you. You agree that you will comply with all the information that you make the truth.

2. Changes by GAPTER by BASE GmbH

The GAPTER by BASE GmbH reserves the right to change the terms and clues that underlying the provision of GAPTER by BASE GmbH website. If you do not agree to such changes, you must cease using GAPTER by BASE GmbH website. Otherwise, use the GAPTER by BASE GmbH website continued from the date of the changes under the changed conditions.

3. Information on the GAPTER by BASE GmbH Web sites

The GAPTER by BASE GmbH assumes no liability or guarantee for the accuracy or validity of the information published on GAPTER by BASE GmbH website, even if such information appears in e-mail, mobile or other notifications via the GAPTER by BASE GmbH Web site can be ordered.

4. Copyright and Trademark Notice

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